Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Free Will

Free Will, sketchbook gouache, 5x8" DMannion

It Happens...

Out scouting around for new places to paint, I pulled into a local boatyard and introduced myself to the owner who gave me permission.  Was almost high noon and blazing hot!   And… It Happens… I forgot  to pack my oil paints!  Using the Palette Garage, a new gadget, which works well if it's taken out of the freezer and deposited in plein air backpack before heading out.  Sigh.  

Took lots of photos and did thumbnail sketches on location soaking up the atmosphere.  Love the shapes and colors, will return!  Found an old Cape Dory 28 that may have been the one we used to sail.  Sold it right before Hurricane Charley, 2013.

Painted Free Will back in cool studio with gouache instead of oils.  Gouache over an acrylic underpainting of lemon yellow.  It helps the gouache stay on top of watercolor paper, unsealed it tends to sink in.  

Love the name Free Will.  What was Will freed from?  From the condition of the boat I fear it didn't go well…

Set up an "invention" a mini shade spot, to take to Maine instead of an umbrella.  Worked well with HomeDepot clamps on the Strada.   Sewed black nylon to a car side window shade.  Curls up and will pack well.

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