Sunday, September 23, 2018

Becky's Garden

 Becky's Garden, sketchbook watercolor
23/30 of 30/30 paintings challenge

Can This Painting Be Saved?

It was HOT, high noon and over 90 degrees when I painted in Becky's garden last week with a friend.  We found some shade and once in a while a bit of breeze.  So we painted fast and left as soon as we could, planning on returning to this colorful place when the weather cools off.

Didn't like my watercolor at all.  Should have left it as it was but didn't want an ugly page in my shiny new sketchbook.  Decided to rework it as an exercise... Payne's gray and gouache to the rescue.  Still don't like it much, ack.

How it looked fresh from the steamy hot field.
First rescue attempt, over-use of white gouache.
Final attempt, like how Payne's gray darkened the background which made the field look brighter.
High-lighted here and there with toned gouache.  Still don't like it but good practice for the next one.
It's important to learn what not to do!

Day 23 0f Strada Easel, and Leslie Saeta's challenges, 30 paintings in 30 days

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