Saturday, September 8, 2018

Broadmoor Park

Broadmoor Park, 4.5x7" sketchbook watercolor, DMannion

Shady Bench

Shade didn't last long enough this morning on the only shady bench I found while walking Stormy.  Another hot one.  Have condensed my art supplies to one pencil, one travel brush, small watercolor palette, little jar of water, and Moleskine sketchbook.  All fit into cross-body bag to make walking easier while hanging onto the dog leash.

Challenged myself with the sun-dappled effect on the path.  Simplified the scene and forced myself not to fiddle and overwork.  Attempted to put strokes down and leave them!  Painted light background sky and trees first, then built up the dark masses and foreground trees.  Let each layer dry before painting darks over.  Floridian sun works faster than any hairdryer!

And managed not to be chomped by the gators floating in the nearby pond!  

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