Friday, September 28, 2018

Lights Out

Lights Out, sketchbook watercolor

First Layer

Day 28/30

Lights Out!  A familiar phrase in this part of SW Florida during turtle season.  Turn off lights facing the Gulf of Mexico while sea turtle eggs are hatching so they don't travel in that direction, mistaking lights for the moon, and head inland instead of the surf.  

The boat on the left was named Lights Out, thus the title of this watercolor sketch.  Another monochromatic start in Payne's gray.  Thought I'd take it further but liked the way it works as is.
Also took the advice from a good painting buddy who said some of the effects might be lost if I layered it with color, especially the dark area of the middle sailboat.

It was another 93 degrees in the shade, hot and humid day.  Painting in the car, auto-painting even with the air-conditioning running, was not comfortable, headed back to the studio to finish.  

I like the way this sketch captured the blazing sun and humidity.  Was going to add more details to the figure working on the left, but again, leaving it alone shows the strength of the high-noon sunlight.  

Learning a lot with this 30 paintings in 30 days challenge (and I thought I knew it all!).  Give the painting a chance to show you where it wants to go.  Let the paint breathe.  Let it be.  

Watercolor has taken me in new directions with colors and massing, design and spontaneity which will hopefully translate well in my oil paintings.  One medium informs the other!

Strada Easel Challenge Day 28, and Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

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