Tuesday, September 4, 2018

My Standing Studio

 WC Palette! DMannion, 7x5"

Watercolor Palettes!

I love my travel size, light-weight and portable Schmincke watercolor palette!   

This is the 12 pan size.  I removed the pan holder it came with and was able to fit 24 pans!  Pans can be purchased empty, these are half-pan size.  The box can also be purchased empty.  It fits on my Moleskine 7x5" and I can stand and paint with all equipment handy.  
Here it is clipped to my Moleskine.  An old cross-body bag holds a screw top jar with water.  I can dip my brush in the bottle as it hangs by my side.  Bag holds rags, brushes, spray bottle, sketchbook, snacks, car keys, phone, etc!  My complete Standing Studio!


laurelle said...

One of my favourite objects to see and what a delight to view it in a charming painting!

juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

I have a thirty five year old winsor newton one which fits in the hand too. Love being able to travel with it but never had the lightbulb moment you gave me here to clip it to my book. Bless you Diane.

Colleen said...

How do you hold the pans in ?