Friday, September 21, 2018

Venice Sea Oats

Venice Sea Oats, 20 minute, sketchbook watercolor

Day 21 of 30

Happy with This One!

This was the second sketch of the morning last Tuesday and I'm happy with it!  Once in a while, one will paint itself.  Let the watercolors and brush flow...  

The umbrella in the background was a photo session for someone's celebration which only lasted a short while.  My painting buddy and I remained close to the parking lot where a breeze blew the red tide fumes away.  Sadly, the beach remains empty.  What's wrong with this picture?

It was a relief not confining myself to a limited three color palette with this sketch.  There are 24 half pans in my paintbox and I used about eight or nine.  Instead of using a single yellow, I let it rip and dipped into lemon, cadmium, even orange.  Used purple, and Moonglow, turquoise, and transparent burnt orange.  A feast of colors.  Fun!
My favorite paintbox with the current color chart!  This was a Schmincke 12 half pan set.  Lightweight and small.  I removed the pan holder and was able to fit 24, instead of twelve half pans.  Could also fit a few full pans along with the half pans.  I fill empty pans with tube paint. 
They're held in with tiny balls of reusable museum putty, which holds well and is easy to remove.
Package of museum putty my husband brought back from California where a whole lot of shaking goes on and stuff is stuck in place with this.

Strada Easel Day 21, Leslie Saeta's 30/30, and last day of ArtWorkLivingChallenge 5 days of 20-30 minute painting.


Sheila said...

So pretty !!

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you, Sheila! Difficult painting with red tide, so sad. Hope it will clear soon.