Friday, August 28, 2020

Field Painting

FISHING, watercolor, 6x8"

There's a pond five minutes away from my house that's also a good place to paint from the rolling studio and walk the dog... multitasking perfection.  

Sometimes a painting buddy joins me and we set up easels under the shade of the hatchbacks on our Hondas.  It's never long, an hour and a half at most, starting as early as possible to avoid the Floridian summer heat.

One morning a man was fishing, "catch and release," he said.  His yellow shirt was a perfect painting accent!  Figures add dimension and scale to landscape paintings.  

Another morning, a few monochomatic sketches to study composition and value ideas:

And recently, this same location came in handy for testing a new painting gadget (yes, I'm an art supply junkie).  The Portable Painter Micro is 2x3", plastic, lightweight and inexpensive.  Perfect for small sketchbook work and to keep handy for emergency painting opportunities when time is limited (like waiting in the car for your husband to come out of Homedepot).

Filled the six half-pans with my most basic palette of colors:
Lemon yellow, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue, burnt sienna, yellow ochre.
Taped a nifty color chart to the bottom of the micro palette!

Clipped one wing of the micro palette to the sketchbook, clip also worked as brush holder!
And finished 30 minute sketch!

My watercolor, Fishing is available in my Etsy Shop.

The Portable Painter Micro Palette can be found here:



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