Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach Equipment

Diane Mannion, BEACH EQUIPMENT, 6x6" oil
      The beaches around here are a constant parade of colorful characters.   A treat for artistic eyeballs...  a wealth of shapes, movement, sunlight and shadows!  And the ever changing blue-green Gulf!  This is why I love living in Florida.
      I paint at the beach often and I take lots of photos.   It helps to aim at a friend or relative and actually zoom in on a stranger, an interesting subject totally unaware.  Sometimes I swing my camera after a bird and shoot folks on the way, they never know it's them I'm after.  I take care when painting from my own reference photos to change people's identities.  The woman above was given a facelift, weight, age reduction, and sunburn lightening.  
      "Good day to go to the beach and watch the tourists burn," a local radio host announces almost every day.  I use a lot of cadmium red.

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Maria Bennett Hock said...

I love this...the movement and the light. It is just beautiful.