Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paddle Practice

Diane Mannion, PADDLE PRACTICE, 8x6"oil
      Little boy getting ready to head out for a morning paddle with his dad.  I watched them from a spot in the shade where I was painting.  The river was calm and glittered in the sun, and once in a while an alligator moved slowly along the edge.  All Floridians know the size of a gator is measured between the nose and eyes, the only thing that appears above the water while they're swimming.  It's one inch to a foot.  The ones in the area were about four to eight inches which meant they were four to eight feet long.  There's always a sense of danger in Florida with people so near the wildlife.  And when tourists come from other areas they might not be aware.  Fortunately, this canoe came back at noon with only sunburned noses and smiles.  Guess I have gators on my mind today because of two recent attacks down here this year.  I won't go into the gory details.     
      So Paddle Practice was also practice for me... pushing the paintbrush, a safe distance away from the water's edge.  Every painting is a balance between taking risks where alligators lie just below the surface,  and playing it safe... just treading water. 

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