Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Diane Mannion, CHEESE, 3.5x2.5" oil on linen
      This was the second painting I did today... the first was a complete wipe-out!  And it was a much larger one, a landscape I had attempted before.  There are days like this, fortunately not too many.  And if it were easy every time, well, that could be boring.  
      I've been doing a lot of reading about how other artists work, and reviewing all the fundamentals, getting prepared to teach in the Fall.  All this information buzzing around in my head slows down the process when I paint.  I can hear myself teach!  Yikes!  I have to absorb these ideas and then let them go, and let the painting happen more intuitively.  
      I can't play the piano but I think it must work something like that.  Practicing the scales until it becomes a habit.  Time to move on to the next painting.  And I kind of like my cheese painting... just practice!

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