Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Purple Lilies

Diane Mannion, Purple Lilies, 6x6" oil
And then there are days when everything goes well!  Worked on marketing, packing, wrapping, shipping, and designing new business cards all morning.  Wasn't able to start this until mid-afternoon and then the chef called me to dinner.  Scratched my name on it and let it go before overworking.  And I like it the way it is. 
      Worked with Prussian blue for the drawing and like the way it shows through here and there.  A great cool blue.  Permanent rose mixed well with it for the purple.  And magenta and alizarin crimson for the darks.

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Sheriart said...

It's nice to know what colors you mixed to get that beautiful purple. Thanks for sharing this lovely painting.