Sunday, August 5, 2012

Amber and Lime

Diane Mannion, Amber and Lime, 3.5x2.5"oil on linen
Snippet Series #11

      What sparks a painting?  What catches my eye and makes me want to grab my brushes?  Yesterday, it was walking by an unusual word on a bag of fruit... Pluots.  Just had to do a painting with that title.  Today, it was the color of amber glass next to a slice of lime.  Visually delicious!  
      It can be the beauty of the Gulf, water reflections, people, objects, flowers, animals, just about anything...or simply color and light.  It's not what I paint but how I feel about it.  It's the visual spark that gets me started and then while painting, the process of discovering color, light, and shapes I never noticed before.  How light bounces around the subject, and color bleeds to the next object, transparency, translucent glass.  That's probably why I enjoy painting bottles, glass magnifies color's playfulness.  And the stars of  the show...  reflections and highlights!  
      Last night on eBay, one of my Snippets sold to a collector in Russia!  What fun!


Unknown said...

I'm fascinated by what happens when light and color go through glass too! I like how you did this painting, and the reflection in the shadow is an extra special touch!

kathleen said...

Glass is so much fun to paint! Love the light coming through the lime too... like a little stained glass window.:) Interestingly, next to the US, my stats show more views from Russia than any other country. It truly is a small world after all.:)