Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boca Beach Patrol

Diane Mannion, Boca Beach Patrol, 6x6"oil

      Common sight along local shores, a Great Blue Heron strutting at the water's edge.  Many have lost their fear of people and are especially fond of fishermen who toss them a shrimp or two.  This one was on the beach at Boca Grande one morning and didn't appreciate the pointed stare of my leashed dog.  The heron froze in place pretending to be a stick.  But once his bird-brain decided we weren't a threat and had no shrimp to offer... continued on his measured, orderly pace.  SOLD

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Unknown said...

Ooh I really like this! Blue Herons are special to me... I see them on Lake Erie, where I grew up. The blues in this painting are so enchanting.