Monday, August 13, 2012

First Fig

Diane Mannion, First Fig, 6x6"oil
      First fig off of our first fig tree!  Immortalized!  Had to pick it before the raccoons did.  Tree was only about a foot tall in the Spring, now in August about four, still in a flower pot and has half a dozen figs on it.
      We consider this our "winter" down here in steamy, mid-August SW Florida, because we spend most of the day in air-conditioning as Northerners would be inside with the furnace roaring in winter.  Couldn't get out early enough to paint this morning when it's cool, right after sunrise to 9am, and we've been having lots of thunderstorms.  
      Never visit a fabulous artist's website at midnight and get too inspired to sleep!   
Marc R Hanson, visit his blog and check out the 4 (4!!!!) a day painting marathon in April '09.  And is nocturnes!  Sigh......

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