Friday, August 24, 2012

Charlotte Harbor

Diane Mannion, Charlotte Harbor, 6x6" oil

      Had an to hour wait yesterday...  so I pulled into a park next to the harbor and did a quick, note taking study.  The best view was from my car seat, so this is an auto-painting.  Had lunch, sipped mango juice, and painted with my small pochade paintbox propped on a towel between the front seats.  Luxury.  
      No, it's not a shark fin.  A dolphin swam right in front of me!  The water's shallow here and I'm pretty sure she was playing with a newborn.  Dolphins gently poke the babies with their noses and push them around in shallow water teaching them to swim and surface for air.  A beautiful sight! 
      Used limited palette, red, yellow, blue, and white.  Took snapshots and made notes in my visual memory bank.  
      Below is how the "start" or underpainting looked before I fiddled and polished.  The snapshot does not show all the fabulous colors that were actually there.  Left most of the color notes as I saw them.  Good example why it's important to paint from life. I'll add the reference photo so you can see how the camera darkens shadows and flattens things.
Reference Snapshot.  No, that's not a gator near the mangroves, just floating weeds.  
Here's the "start" or underpainting.  Very productive auto-painting/lunch hour!  And I didn't spill anything, just a few bread crumbs.


LeAnn Whitacre said...

What a great -QUICK- little painting! You really added a lot of nice color, compared to the photo. I'm going to have to try that front seat set-up one of these days! :)

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, LeAnn! Yes, auto-painting is also a great idea if you're in a location that doesn't feel quite "safe," you can lock the doors. Or if it's a rainy day, or too hot, windy, or cold, or if you're just to lazy to set up the equipment. And you can listen to the radio, too.