Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Day at the Beach

Diane Mannion, Another Day at the Beach, 8x10" oil
      Ahh... another day at the beach teaching a class outside!  I'm getting selfish about teaching and also want to end up with a painting at the end of the session, even if it's just a start.  And students say it's a good learning experience for them to watch me paint.  So for each class I demo for a few minutes, walk around and nag students, then back to my painting.  I also encourage them to peek over my shoulder at anytime.  Then back to the studio for finishing touches and when classes meet again... we have an art show of our results.  This painting was started on Venice beach early in the morning, a three hour class on a perfect day.   Buy here.

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Kathleen said...

It really looks like a beautiful day! I can smell the ocean just looking at it.:) Love the colors in the sea oats and flowers in the foreground.