Saturday, March 23, 2013

45 Rusty Shrimper

Diane Mannion, 45 Rusty Shrimper, 8x10", oil
Started this as a plein air sketch last Monday, only had about half an hour into it.  There was a lot I liked about the sketch, so touched it up today trying hard to keep the sketch-like quality and not overwork it.  I prefer working wet paint into wet, but this was dry and has a different look to the brushwork.  It's OK, but I better go back again and paint this poor rusty shrimper before it sinks.  Hard to believe it actually fishes in the Gulf.  Boat's name is the Seminole Trader, St James City, which is near Fort Myers, Florida.  Here's how the plein air sketch looked before I monkeyed with it:
30 minute plein air sketch.  Transparent red earth underpainting, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, and white.  A speck of Indian yellow and cad orange.
And here's a shot of the boat's stern:

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