Monday, March 25, 2013

46 Windy Day in Boca

Diane Mannion, 46 Windy Day in Boca, 6x8" o/c, plein air

 Gusty winds drove us off the beach and onto a dock this morning in Boca Grande.  I'm happy with this painting, red oxide underpainting, and used artistic landscape license to relocate palm trees closer to sailboat.  Didn't have much time to paint before Patty screamed, so finished it at home.
Patty, Bonnie, and Richard painting before it happened.
"OH NO!" Patty screamed, (along with a few other words the wind blew away).  Four paintbrushes into the drink floated just out of reach.

 Richard held her ankles.
A dead mangrove branch hooked two brushes.
Two more paintbrushes rescued (one eighty-dollar one!) when they floated near the next dock.  Victory cheers!  Meanwhile, Bonnie and I were were cheering because a gigantic manatee surfaced right next to us.  Its tail must have been three feet wide, the creature was huge!   While packing our easels, getting ready to leave... Patty screamed again as her paper palette loaded with fresh paint blew off the dock and floated towards those shiny white yachts.   Fortunately, she was able to grab it before we were banned from the docks for life.  Oh, the joy of plein air painting!

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