Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Godiva 2

Diane Mannion, Godiva 2, 3.5"x2.5" oil on linen/mounted, 2014 Snippet Series #2
New Years Resolutions

A whole list in the health/exercise department but won't go there... this is a painting blog, after all.  Will leave these Godiva Truffles in their wrappers, unconsumed... unlike yesterday's.

Paint more, but that's all I want to do anyway.  
Paint larger.  
Paint at night, also. 
Write articles.
Write book.
Organize studio!


Have a Healthy and Happy New Year!


suzanneberry said...

Thank you for the candy! Beautifully done! and i love your resolutions. best of luck!

suzanneberry said...

me again, just thanking you for your kind words. good luck with the challenge. looking forward to seeing more of your work these next 29 days!

Dottie T Leatherwood said...

Love this! And very impressed with your resolutions... however, now you've left me craving chocolate which is NOT one of my resolutions :)

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you thank you, Suzanne!
And thanks, Dottie... sorry about the chocolate.

LindaSMarino said...

HI Diane, love this… and so small.. how do you do it? Wishing you the best for your new years resolutions!

Diane Mannion said...

Linda, thanks! Yes they're small... a way of tightening technique, slowing down. Practicing on small works helps me paint fluidly on larger paintings. Thought I could do these fast because they're small, but some are taking as long as 8x10"s. Good thing I love doing what I do.