Friday, July 25, 2014

Marigold Blues

 Marigold Blues (revised), 9x12" oil on canvas, ©Diane Mannion

Contrasting Blues

  Didn't have the blues while I painted this, nothing gives me greater joy than having the time to get lost in a canvas.  The title reflects my love for blues... ultramarine blue glass bottle, King's blue creamer, and the turquoise blue wooden box all struck notes of contrasting blues.  Orange marigolds were the perfect compliment!

Set this still life up in front of a north light window with no artificial lights and painted from life.  Added the lime slice later because it needed something on that side.  I'm pleased with how it moves the eye back into the composition.  

Painted the geranium clipping first because it was wilting fast.  Marigolds also wilted before I painted them the next day.  Note to self... paint fresh flowers ASAP!  I've collected lots of silk flowers that hold up better under the lights, but nothing is as beautiful as the real thing.

Still trying to absorb all the knowledge from the Qiang Huang workshop I attended (read review here).  While wanting to paint faster and looser, I found myself slowing down.  New painting techniques take time to master while still holding on to my own style.

Interesting how I notice "glitches or sore spots" in a painting after I post them!  Will correct, reshoot, and repost image.  Can you see where it is?
 Marigold Blues, before revision.  Was not happy with how the marigold on the left made the bottle look like it was poking out.  Enlarged marigold and straightened bottle.  Much Better!

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