Sunday, September 21, 2014


G, watercolor, 5.5x8", ©Diane Mannion

Day 21 of the 30/30

Another experiment!  Wanted to add some graphics with a watercolor and discovered acrylic ink... worked well.  Used a poem by Edward Lear, but changed it from a "he" to she because it this was not a billy goat.  Always loved Piccaso's She Goat sculpture at MOMA, NYC.  Sketched it when I was a very young artist.

Very limited palette here, ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.  First washed paper with Indian yellow for a sunlight glow.  Worked from a reference photo I took while doing a plein air painting and listened to this little goat bleating for two hours.  She had plenty of food and water... guess she was feeling cranky.  Baaaaaa....  A goat on Boca Grande?

And speaking of using reference photos.  A friend found a painting of her granddaughter online.  The artist (if you could call the scoundrel that) used the photo without permission.  Disgusting.  If any artists are reading this, PLEASE USE YOUR OWN PHOTOS.  Or at least have permission to use the photograph.  The creative impulse that makes it your own work begins when you SEE something that excites YOU.  Using a photo that someone else took is not the way to do it.  That's THEIR image, not yours.  The exception would be if it is impossible to take the photo and you have permission, as in the case of a memorial photo of a person or pet. 

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Kathleen Eve Kelly said...

Well, this certainly is something different for you!

Nice thing about this 30/30 challenge, is the references I'm working from is all from my own photographs I've taken from around the world that I've visited. Certainly wish I could paint on location at all those places...but whose got that type of money? (Don't answer that...haha!)