Monday, July 20, 2015

Farther Along

FARTHER ALONG, 16x20" oil, ©Diane Mannion

Field Study to Plein Air and Back Again
Revised 7/22/15

Painted this from the small sketch on the previous post, studio block in, then painted on location.  Then back to the studio... then back to location where it was soaked with a sudden downpour.  The linen shrunk on the stretcher but will be fine after restretching.  

I paint faster and looser on location but tend to tighten up in the studio.  This was scrapped and repainted many times in the middle grassy section.  I'm torn between the tonalist and colorist style and striving for some place in the middle.

When doing field studies, it's not possible to record everything!  And when working from photo reference, the camera lies,  perspective is flattened and wonky, colors dull or wildly out of whack.  

A lot must depend on visual memory, even when standing on the spot.  It's a challenge to include or simply suggest only necessary details... not every darn blade of grass, which is the trap I fell into here.

Every painting's a learning experience!  Although this was difficult and I'm not thrilled with it... I'm looking forward to going back to the same spot and starting another version... pushing my painting skills farther along.

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Wendy Barrett said...

Diane, I'm always impressed to hear about your process in getting things true to life - you are very dedicated! It is a frustration that photos are such a poor substitute for reality and that reality changes so quickly!! But even with all those obstacles you still manage to create something beautiful!