Monday, August 3, 2015


THEIR BOAT, 4x8" oil, plein air, ©Diane Mannion

Port Clyde, Maine

I was struck by the light on this red and blue boat sitting by an old, weather-beaten house in Port Clyde, Maine.  The owners had passed away but would be pleased to know their boat and flower garden was an inspiration to many artists last week. 

While painting this, I imagined the former owners tending their garden... their boat now sails on waves of grass and flowers... echoed by the wave patterned fence.  Bon voyage.

This is one study of ten I painted during an artist's retreat gently guided by gracious host, mentor, friend and fabulous artist... Mary Erickson.  Over the next few days, as I post each painting, I'll report more details of my amazing week at Nanatuck!


Durinda Cheek, Fine Artist said...

So nice to get to spend the week with you, Diane. You are a wonderful painter and I appreciated so much your helpful comments to me. I look forward to seeing you again this winter and painting Sarasota!

Cory said...

Nice! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them and hearing about your trip!

Diane Mannion said...

Enjoyed our visit at Nanatuck, Durinda! You made the adventure much more fun, especially at Farnsworth Museum and our lobster roll lunch at... I won't mention where.

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Cory. Wish you were there!