Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Early Bird Light

Early Bird Light, 8x10" oil, ©Diane Mannion

Port Clyde, Maine

Gets light much earlier in Maine than in Florida.  We were up and out by six-thirty in the morning.  Early Birds catch the best light and the best parking spaces.  One problem with Port Clyde is lack of parking!  I painted this from a dock parking space set up behind my car.  The space is so narrow, it's almost impossible to turn around without backing off a rocky ledge.

This is how the painting looked fresh from the easel...before the polished stage above.  Felt my darks were too dark and was not happy with the driveway.  I had been standing in the sun which threw my values off.  Left out a lot of clutter!  That's Fran Mangino on the left, painting a large watercolor.

In the evenings back at Nanatuck, Mary Erickson gave everyone's work a gentle critique.  We learned a lot from these sessions and from each other.  A few glasses of wine enhanced the process.
A few snapshots of Port Clyde.  Painting material everywhere!  Many buildings are owned by Linda Bean of LLBean.  Port Clyde is also the site of the last sardine factory in the country which my husband visited about thirty-five years ago.  Unfortunately, it no longer exists.  I was able to purchase a few cans of Port Clyde sardines... imported from Poland!


Unknown said...

loving hearing your stories!! Sounds like a great trip!!:This is beautiful...i love the brilliant light beside the boat

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Michelle! Still recovering from spending a night in Portland airport, the joy of travel! Was fabulous experience at Nanatuck, so glad I was able to make it. First day my flight was cancelled because of rain out of Fort Myers (Delta). Thought I'd drive up. John said, "Not a good idea." So I was able to fly out of Sarasota on Jetblue and arrived a day late. Jetblue rules!

Wendy Barrett said...

What a great job you did of both versions of the boat and garden - I particularly love the first version you did - so much atmosphere! Great pathos too in the little story about the owners, I agree they would be pleased to know what inspiration the boat and garden generated. Enjoyed seeing all the photos as well!

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Wendy! Was great adventure, Maine's gorgeous this time of year, but as Durinda said... in a few months all those flowers will be gone.