Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nanatuck Cabin

Nanatuck Cabin, 4x8" oil, plein air study, ©Diane Mannion

Nanatuck Part 3 

A few of us played tourists one day and visited the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland; a pilgrimage to see Wyeth paintings.  Don Demers said, there should be a weeping bench outside for artists, supplied with tissues; seeing all of the Wyeth's work together, N.C., Andrew, and Jamie is a humbling experience.

Artists like to look closely at paintings to study brushwork and technique; this stuff can't be seen in books or online, but we make museum guards nervous!  Sure enough, a short, elderly guard rushed over waving his arms and said, "No closer than six inches!"  He stuck with us constantly chattering... we longed for hushed silence while worshiping the masters.  

Before we left, the guard left us with a nugget of advice:  McDonald's lobster rolls won a blind taste test.  So while on the way to see Roger Dale Brown's gorgeous show at the Haynes Gallery we happened to be hungry and pulled into Mickie D's to test their lobster rolls.  Not bad at all, but like Mary Erickson said, takes business away from the little guys.   

Durinda Cheek and I took iPhone shots of this sign and were immediately warned by the manager: NO photos allowed in McDonald's!  She was nice enough not to make us delete them.  Who knew!!?!

My painting, Nanatuck Cabin above was the only one for that day, had been averaging two to three (three is my limit before burnout).  The cabin's located on the edge of the Nanatuck property where spiders dropped from pine branches and ants crawled up my legs so had to paint fast. 

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