Monday, August 10, 2015


GRAMMA, 8x10" oil, ©Diane Mannion

Nanatuck, Port Clyde, Maine Part 7

One of my favorite paintings from Port Clyde!  Early morning about 6:30am, found parking space near docks!  This dinghy was right in front of my car and I painted it from that spot.  The colors!  Unfortunately, I had left my thalo blues home, but touched it up later.  And the dinghy's name!  GRAMMA... love it!

Did have a little problem drawing though.  Kept lining it up with the piling and thought I was  standing in the wrong spot before I realized the entire dock was moving.  Floating dock!  As if drawing boats wasn't difficult enough.

While I was painting, a man rowed his dinghy to shore from his sailboat, which was
anchored out in the harbor.  His gorgeous yellow lab jumped in and out of the dinghy fetching a plastic bottle and finally ran up the boat ramp, catching up with his owner.   Great dog!

View of Port Clyde Harbor


Cindy said...

congratulations on 100th paintings! I always look forward to your blog posts, and beautiful work...
Cindy Barker

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you so much, Cynthia Barker! I'm happy to hear someone other than my mom sees these posts.