Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Morning Field Study

 Morning Field Study, 8x10" oil, plein air, Diane Mannion

Magnificent Morning

Set up early on Caspersen Beach, Venice.  Refreshing change from still life painting but difficult because nothing holds still!  Simply let loose and pushed paint around.  Much happier with this little study than the last location painting... a wipeout.  

Have a hard time narrowing my field of vision with such a vast panorama, have to force myself not to see what's happening out in left field.  I've always found the sight-size method inhibiting, but attempted to line things up with the curve in the sand and the rocks above. 

Wanted to record everything!  A million paintings happened right before my eyes with only a split second to note each one.   Tried to memorize types of waves and movements that happened over and over. 

Wanted to include a few figures fishing near the rocks, but that will have to wait for another painting. 
Morning office setup, yes... this is work!

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