Saturday, October 3, 2015


Michael, 10x8" oil, Diane Mannion

Zorn Palette

Two hour painting from life at Venice Art Center using the Zorn palette...  white, cadmium red medium, ivory black, and yellow ochre.   This limited palette has an amazing range and harmonious effect.  There's no blue but ivory black has a bluish tint and appears blue when thinned with white.  Yellow ochre and black make a wonderful muted green.  Cad red med and yellow ochre are perfect for flesh tones. 

The Zorn palette is named after Anders Zorn, a famous Swedish artist (1860-1920). 
 Self-portrait, 1915, Anders Zorn

My painting, Lightkeeper's House was a Boldbrush FAV 15 Winner in August!
Lightkeeper's House, 8x10" oil, Diane Mannion

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