Thursday, December 3, 2015


Farlow's, 10x8" oil, Diane Mannion

Cloudy Days

This painting was a double challenge.  Painting on a cloudy day... no strong shadows.  Painting while under emotional distress.

Started as a plein air on a cloudy day in a very unexciting location (at least for me) at a local restaurant with fresh plantings (no weeds, no character).  Wish I had taken a snapshot of the first attempt which was pretty awful. 
Liked the flower pot and color of the plants but had to do a lot of re-landscaping.  

Days later, painted from this photo reference but could not get it to work.
Bought a few plants to match the ones from original location, and added the foreground pot from my own yard.  Painted from life outside on another cloudy day. 

Discovered I can paint on cloudy days while under duress and save a painting from the garbage bin!
My Miserable Thumbnail Sketch

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