Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Off Port Clyde

Off Port Clyde, 16x20" oil, Diane Mannion

Maine Last Summer

This delightful sailboat swept across Port Clyde Harbor while I was painting on the dock.  Dropped my paintbrush and focused the zoom lens.  Was able to capture only about 30% percent of the information I needed, although the boat's details were captured, the rest had to be made up.  Left out harbor traffic and there was a lot!

Turquoise hull, sleek and shiny brightwork varnished to perfection!  And the way the captain expertly handled stiff currents and winds dancing across the harbor like a butterfly, deftly avoiding lobster boats, kayaks, and the tangle of tourist's buzzing motorboats... stole my heart!  

This painting will be one of my submissions into the American Society of Marine Artists competition. 

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