Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Snooks, 8x10" oil, plein air, Diane Mannion

Snooks Haven

Peace River Painters were all over the place at Snooks Haven in Venice yesterday.  Wonderful painting with so many friends and getting together afterwards to talk about our paintings.  It's how we learn, gather tips and suggestions no matter what level we are with our work.

Visiting Connecticut artist, Beverly A. Schirmeier inspired us with her beautiful pastel painting.  A few of us, myself included are dusting off the old pastel boxes because of Beverly.
Pastel by Beverly A Schirmeier
This is the spot both Beverly and I painted from, interesting to see two different romantic interpretations.
This photo of me starting my masterpiece was on FB this morning, thanks to Peace
River Painters.

Next Monday, Peace River Painters are meeting in the morning at Whiddens Marina in Boca Grande, one of the last remaining authentic spots frozen in time on Gasparilla Island.


juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

Hi Diane. You are a true master at capturing the sunshine. It's the little things I love - like the corner of the roof capturing the light - the area of the fence in the sun...Yummy.
Beverly's painting is lovely and serene. The light hitting the bank is beautiful.
How lucky you both are to be able to paint plein air together.

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you, Julie Ford Oliver! We have several large groups of artists in the area, could be out almost every day with them. Trying to resist and put in more studio time. Too much fun! Thank you for your comment!