Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Toys and Boy, 6x8" oil, Diane Mannion


Going well with summer sketches for the 31 days of July!  It's NOT easy.  Some days I don't feel like painting but do anyway.  Sometimes the ones I don't like when I put the brush down turn out to be favorites a few days later.  I've found that rushing and letting accidents happen, instead of controlling every stroke (control-freak that I am) often results in more energetic work.  And as the saying goes... "Paint faster, Stupid!"

I don't mean to paint sloppy, but to let some of the years and years of polished and practiced painting skills shine through.  Tough but exciting! 

All 6x8" oil, Diane Mannion.

 Will add stories, titles, and more information on my blog, and add favorites to  my website when this challenge is over.

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