Friday, July 22, 2016


MEGAN #2, 8x6" oil study, Diane Mannion

July Challenge Continues

Excited to have a delightful model this summer, high school senior, Megan!  This is a quick sketch, practice for more "serious" studio work.

Have continued my self-induced July painting challenge, a sketch or study a day.  Unfortunately, I've had a complaint... (from my mom, who else?!).  She wonders why my paintings look like I did them really fast and loose, not like my "finished" style.  I had to explain that these are SKETCHES or STUDIES.  

They are PRACTICE, like playing scales on a piano, an opera singer rehearsing, an athlete training for the Olympics...  artists also have to practice and push their limits of artistic ability.  These daily sketches are my way of sharpening skills and visual thinking.  Every painting doesn't fall perfectly off the brush each time.  There's a lot of work that goes on in the background, like a dress rehearsal.

Some of these little sketches may become "finished" paintings later.  So, don't worry Mom, I haven't lost it, just making up for the two months I was not able to paint.

Here's another Megan study:
MEGAN #1, 6x8" oil study, Diane Mannion

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