Monday, August 15, 2016


CLEARING, 20x20" oil, Diane Mannion

Clear Vision

Another painting revision!  This one has a long history, first titled Her Beach after three revisions.  I had said three strikes and you're out, but here we go again.

My choices now were:
1. Slash and burn.
2. Hang facing wall.
3. Paint over as if I didn't care what happened.

Went with #3 and learned a lot.  Is it better?  Clearly!  At least to me.

Felt I didn't have much to lose, so painted over everything except parts of the hair (which is about all I really liked).  Removed sunglasses, turned head and added beach equipment in foreground.  Wanted painterly brushstrokes, not highly rendered.  Gave the character a tan to increase value difference from background.

 One of the original versions, Her Beach.  
Too much going on.  I really liked the little groups of people but they took away from the main character.  Different feeling, different day.  It was painful painting over them, but they may reappear in future paintings one group at a time.  Left the group under the white umbrella but "hazed" over to push back.

Beach Lady, 6x8" oil study.  
Painted quickly with gusto.  Love the brushwork.  Realized I wanted more guts like this in the larger version.

Here's the link to original version, HER BEACH, three strikes you're out, and lots of suffering.

Solved many problems with this painting.  Tremendous learning experience.
But this is it!  CLEARING is clearly the LAST revision… (NOT!)
SUMMER READING, 20x20" oil, ©Diane Mannion

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