Saturday, August 13, 2016

New Blue Tube

New Blue Tube, 20x20" oil, Diane Mannion

Fear of Change

This painting hung around in my studio for awhile, I loved the background and the tube but not the character.  Fear kept me from making the changes needed to save the good parts. 

One of my critics didn't like the character either.  At first I couldn't see what was wrong, but after living with the painting I slowly began to see it.  Sometimes, time needs to pass to see a work with fresh eyes.  I moved it from room to room, placed it where I could see from a distance, held it up to mirrors, stood on my head, etc.

When someone thinks a change should be made, I don't do it for them... I have to remain true to my work.  This time, I DID come into agreement with my critic... but not always.

I had three choices:
1. Destroy the painting.
2. Use original as study and paint new version.
3. Keep good parts and make changes on the original.

Number 3 was my choice... if it didn't work I could always revert to number 1 or 2!

Blue Tube, original stage.  Did not like the character's face or hat or neck.
Placed a patch over the part I wanted to change and studied it for awhile.

The original boy was a character from my imagination, so I imagined another character, this time a girl.  Her hair and head rotation solved many problems.  Took courage to tackle this painting again and I'm glad I did.

4 comments: said...

Thanks for sharing your thought process. We all go thru this and it is great to see how you solved it.
I love the painting - the changes are great, but the way you painted the plastic ring is awesome and the hands in the!

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Julie Ford Oliver! Appreciate your kind words. Now on to another revision... or slash and burn. Wouldn't it be boring if they all turned out perfectly. It's the challenge that makes this process so exciting but sometimes painful, always worth it. Something to learn with every change.

Anonymous said...

You really solved the problem. The new painting is so superior. I agree that the tube and water are really wonderful and glad you salvaged this piece for that reason.

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you for your comment, Sharon! Wishing the painting I'm revising right now would go as smoothly... NOT! Will post the entire renovation soon, I hope. Why is studio painting so much harder than plein air?