Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Portrait Practice

Window Seat, 11x14" oil, Diane Mannion

Portrait Practice

Started painting this from life and finished later from photo reference.  Megan's a wonderful model and I have enough reference material to keep me busy for awhile.  A lot of these photos will be for figure reference and will not look like the model at all.

Actually attempted to make this NOT look like the model but Megan shined through anyway.  John said even if it were on a milk carton you'd know who it was.

Painted in alla prima style with large brushstrokes until a tiny brush got stuck in my hand and I noodled a bit, especially around the eyes.  Attempted to work with the cool north window light and the warm interior lamp light by showing cool highlights on window side and warm shadows on dark side of her face and hair.  I loved painting the hair, especially the one long strand in the front that captured the light and the shorter one over her eyebrow.

Practice practice... 

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