Monday, May 8, 2017

El Jobean Post Office

El Jobean Post Office, 5.5x8" pastel, field study, Diane Mannion

Finally Cracked Open the Ol' Pastel Box!

It's been a few years since I attempted a pastel, especially a plein air study!  Was perfect chance to take them for a roll along with the Peace River Painters this morning.  Thought most everyone had gone North already, but about forty artists showed up!

Pleased with this little study, and that's all it is… not a finished product, but enough color notes here to do a studio oil, if I feel like it.  Happy with the sense-of-place and the flow of light.  Perspective's a bit wonky but so was this old historic building from 1922. 

 El Jobean was once a community for circus folks.  Behind where I was painting, almost hidden in the woods there was something that looked like a rusting old animal cage.  Heard the ghosts of lions roar!

Yellow-orange sign on front says, Live Bait, perfect spot of color.  Almost didn't notice it as I raced to capture the moving light.  Sometimes, we're so focused we miss things.  And there were lots of things I had to leave out.  Simplify simplify simplify…. and SQUINT!  

Used mostly NuPastels on Uart 400, with a touch of soft for yellow-orange sign and light in palm tree.

Flattered and honored to be chosen as a Daily Paintworks Featured Artist this month!  Means I have to crack the whip and produce more.  With one week set aside for major surgery this month, it will be a challenge.

Location shot with Heilman's Backpack Pastel Box on tripod (love it! and have ordered the double sketch box also).

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