Monday, September 17, 2018

Parking Lot

Parking Lot, 5x7" sketchbook watercolor, 30 minutes, Broadmoor Park, DMannion

Another Challenge!

Day 17/30 and 1/5

Signed up for another challenge, as if two weren't enough this month!  I'm a fool for these contests, but always learn something from them.  (Think I would learn not to enter in the first place).  The only prizes are more polished skills... so well worth it.

The new challenge is Mary Gilkerson's 5 Day Challenge to paint a painting in 20-30 minutes!  I'm continuing with my sketchbook watercolors for this also.  

Parking Lot is a 30 minute sketch, not easy in watercolor.  Had to wait for some sections to dry before I could work over them, thank heavens for the Floridian sun!  Although I don't hate it that much, it proves that my brush can move faster.  I'm only using my Escoda #12 Versatil Travel brush for these sketchbook studies.  (My love for this brush has helped rekindle my love for watercolor!)

Realized after doing this that a thumbnail sketch first would have helped.  
Paines Gray thumbnail value sketch on left page was done later as practice for the next four fast sketches in this challenge.

Strada Easel 30 Day Challenge Day 17, Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days 9/18, and Mary Gilkerson's Art Work Living 5 Day Challenge

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Sheila said...

Cheerful! Gotta try one of those brushes :) That name keeps turning up. LOL :)