Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Broadmoor Morning

Broadmoor Morning, sketchbook watercolor, DMannnion

Limited Palette 20 Minute Sketch

Happy with this one, sometimes they turn out good!  This is a view from the trail at Broadmoor Park early in the morning while walking Stormy.  He's usually ready for a break in the shade while I do a quick sketch.  And it only took 20 minutes!

Planned carefully before starting and used a limited, three color palette.  Also did a tiny thumbnail value sketch.  Taped edges and used thin yellow oxide wash over the page which was dry when I set the timer.  Nice to know these little sketches can be completed speedy quick!  

Value sketch in payne's gray.  Colors used:
transparent yellow oxide
cobalt blue
burnt orange
Escoda #12 travel Versatil (only brush used)

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Sheila said...

So lovely! Golden grasses, terrific sky and reflecting water!