Wednesday, September 19, 2018


 Walker, sketchbook watercolor, DMannion

30 Minute Limited Palette

Day 19 of 30

Another study started in Broadmoor Park, quick pencil sketch and tiny thumbnail.  Too hot to work outside, no shade in this spot.  
Paine's gray thumbnail value study and limited, 3 color palette used for painting.
Permanent rose, cobalt blue, and transparent yellow oxide.
Black and white reference photo.  Artistic license used to remove bird, trees, and change walker.

At least for me, it's much more interesting (and fun!) to study how colors work together by doing a limited palette sketch, instead of color charts.  Also informative to see how far I can push the darks with just these three colors.  Happy with how the watercolors intermingle and create passages without my help by letting them bleed to do their thing.  Fascinating to see unplanned results happen!  

Day 19 of Strada Easel 30 Day Challenge,  Leslie Saeta's 30/30, and 5 day ArtWorkLivingChallenge


laurelle said...

The light of the path juxtaposed with the darkness in the background and the beautiful purples of the palm trees makes for a truly wonderful composition. It is full of's not just a walker...there's a bit of it!

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you, Laurelle! I'm so glad you like my watercolor sketch. Love the way watercolors do their own thing, helps with the mystery and atmosphere.