Friday, April 25, 2014

City Jail

City Jail, 5x7" oil on canvas, plein air, ©Diane Mannion

Anna Maria Island

Joined the Light Chasers yesterday to paint on Anna Maria Island.  This is the City Jail with a hand-lettered jingle: "No Roof, No Doors, No Windows, No Bars, No Guests for Yrs n Yrs... Anna Maria City Jail... air conditioned."
Thumbnail sketch
Took a little over an hour to paint on location while chatting with dozens of tourists.  Took two hours to drive there from Englewood, and three home after taking a wrong turn.  Hadn't been to Anna Maria in over fifteen years... changed completely from what I remember.  But still lots of charm, interesting cottages, and beautiful beaches, too. 

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Susan Rose said...

I'll have to look for this on my next visit to Anna Maria. Your style works well for this scene. My favorite place on the island is the long pier on the bay. I love to photograph and swim there. On a sunny day, the water is heavenly.