Friday, May 16, 2014

Neighbor's Garden

Neighbor's Garden, 8x10" oil on linen, ©Diane Mannion

Sun Raked

My studio view of the neighbor's garden where morning sunlight rakes shadow patterns across the lawn and sets the flowers ablaze with color.  I've been wanting to paint this scene for a long time. 

Interesting how light changes throughout the day, right now it's late afternoon and the flowers are deep in dark shadows.  But the lawn is glowing with wonderful tree shadows cast from the west.  A nocturne would be interesting with warm interior light glowing in the window, and outside... the tiny white garden lights that decorate the plants.   Hope my neighbors don't think I'm nosy when they see me staring with my artist's eyes.

Have been busy painting our house, too.  The walls, not on canvas.  My studio's now a lovely shade of muted gray green.   Refreshing!

And getting ready for a second solo show this year!  This one in Englewood on Dearborn Street, the New Gallery in the Raymond James building.  News will follow soon.


Wendy Barrett said...

Hi Diane, I love how you've captured your neighbour's garden! How nice to have a perfect plein air scene right under your nose!
When I caught sight of your latest outdoor set-up I suspected it was a Coulter easel immediately. I have recently made enquiries about one myself and seeing how happy you are with yours I think I will take the plunge!

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Wendy! It's a toss up between the EasyL and the Coulter... I love and have both. But one advantage with the EasyL is that I can set it up on a desktop for finishing touches later in the studio. The Coulter would need to be set up with its tripod or use another easel. The Coulter is great if you are tall... able to have the panel set at eye level, the palette down. Let me know what you decide.

Wendy Barrett said...

I'm 5'6" not taking into account a bit of shrinkage:) Do you think that comes under the "tall" requirements.
I'm actually wanting something to stand up to at the moment because I have a back issue that makes it painful to sit for too long.

Diane Mannion said...

Coulter is great for standing because it's easier than EasyL to raise panel to eye level. I'm 5'5", so it should work fine for you, Wendy. Also, when panel is high with EasyL, the palette is a bit too high, better placement with Coulter. But again, both are wonderful. Happy painting!

Wendy Barrett said...

Thanks so much for all the info Diane - very helpful! Happy painting to you too!